Neptune and the Moon

Neptune and the Moon is the love child of a Cancerian and his Pisces Queen. We have partnered with Your Calmer and Corporate Calmer to provide quality meditation and therapeutic art coaching as well as hand-crafted wares inspired by love.

Neptune and the Moon was created by its founder, Rachel Grant, after using meditation and mindful creativity to recover from a health crisis in 2013.  Rachel has retrained as a yoga teacher and a certified meditation teacher and honed her creative practices with the vision to teach others to take control of their own wellbeing in order to avoid or recover from burnout and other stress-related conditions.  Rachel now teaches simple and effective meditation and art techniques that integrate easily into your busy life to align your mind with your body and maintain balance.

Take a few hours out of your busyness to unwind and recharge at one of our workshops. We regularly offer mandala and meditation workshops and other art and craft workshops throughout the year.  Or be enchanted by our hand-crafted giftware and art.

Feel free to go straight to our training calendar if you would like to make a booking or contact us on 08 8339 8313 at [email protected] or click on the the link with any queries.

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