Meet the Team

Looking for an Adelaide Psychologist? At Your Calmer Mind you will be matched with a psychologist or therapist that will best meet your psychological and wellbeing needs.

Our team of Psychologists in Adelaide have been hand selected owning to their strong core vales of being highly experienced, relatable and outcomes focused. We are flexible and guided by specific needs using a range of evidence-based approaches. Between the team we have over 30 years experience in the clinical setting and support each other through supervision to ensure that the needs of individuals are well met.

Andrew Grant- Clinical Director/Principal Psychologist

Andrew is the founder of Your Calmer Mind and, as the Principal Psychologist, works with employees, adults and young people. Andrew is caring and intuitive, with a down to earth manner, which enables insightful and tailored approaches to individual’s concerns. He has a particular interest in supporting clients with both acute and complex trauma.

Abby McCann- Clinical Psychologist

Abby has 10 years experience working as a psychologist. She has studied in South Australia and Queensland and has worked in hospital and community mental health teams and private practice settings. Abby values providing a warm and empathetic approach to a range of presenting psychological difficulties.

Freya Goodhew- Clinical Psychologist

Freya is a Clinical Psychologist who works with adults and young people to help address emotional and mental health difficulties. She seeks to assist clients with the navigation of life transitions and distress, discovery of meaning and possibility, and reconnection with personal values. Her approach is open minded, supportive and respectful.

Rachel Grant- Business Manager | Wellbeing Coach

Rachel is both a certified meditation teacher and a certified yoga teacher with a strong focus on mindfulness, meditation and creativity for wellbeing.  She facilitates unique mindful art and meditation workshops and one on one’s in which she creates a beautiful, safe, supportive space for people to experience the mindful activities of yoga, meditation and art.